Sunday, June 18, 2017

WR 18 Jun 20171) Three of Wands: Virtue
2) [R] Six of Swords: Science
3) Five of Wands: Defeat
4) [R] Son of Cups: Seeker
5) [R] Ten of Wands: Oppression
6) [R] Mother of Cups: Motherhood
7) [R] The Multiverse: Unbound

1: Creative Influence – Fierce determination to succeed; being true to the self; living up to highest potential
2: Physical Influence – Information is hidden; not enough known to proceed; must dig deeply into the matter
3: Emotional Influence – A challenge to authority; competition & fighting; incredible effort required to win
4: Mental Influence – Refusing to start journey; uninterested in truth; lacking compassion
5: Spiritual Influence – Refusing to let life’s demands hold one back; liberty; letting the bars of one’s prison fall away
6: Feminine Influence – Takes from the earth with ruinous results; cannot be trusted; self-absorbed, aggressive personality
7: Masculine Influence – Unwilling to commit to a direction; fear of success; easily overwhelmed & confused by choices

Our creative lives are doing well, inspiration flows from our personal truth & our highest ideals are represented in our works. There is mystery surrounding our material existence this week & we must look at the situation very carefully before taking things forward. Emotionally, we feel that our position is threatened which inspires conflict that will require a monumental effort to win. Someone is likely lying & completely lacking the capacity to care about the truth or others, misuse of mental powers. Spiritually, this is a wonderful week, despite the turmoil, as we liberate ourselves from whatever obstacles were holding us back & allow our spirits to soar. The feminine influence feels like she will represent a hurtle on our journey as she will try to manipulate & use us for her own ends while leaving us in a terrible situation, do not trust her. The masculine influence offers no help during this time either, as he is overwhelmed by the choices in his own life & fears being put in the spotlight for success.

DD Sun 18 Jun 2017[R] Eight of Stones: Knowledge

Today we must search for the information that we need to make a good decision. It is imperative that the situation is carefully studied before any action is committed to. Answers are currently hidden.

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