Sunday, July 2, 2017

WR 2 Jul 20171) [R] The Tower: Demolition
2) The Sun: Life
3) [R] Ace of Stones: Abundance
4) [R] Six of Stones: Success
5) The High Priestess: Meditation
6) Seven of Stones: Failure
7) Daughter of Swords: Confidence

1: Creative Influence – Things are shaken up, but nothing is completely destroyed; holding back too many emotions; small mistakes
2: Physical Influence – Good health; success in business; well deserved recognition
3: Emotional Influence – Greediness; unethical practices; wasting resources
4: Mental Influence – Losing sight of inner spirit; fear of taking a chance; ship has sprung a leak
5: Spiritual Influence – Time to look inward; reconnecting to inner wisdom; feel rather than think the way through this situation
6: Feminine Influence – Business problems; declining health; sobbing over what seems impossible to fix
7: Masculine Influence – Devotion to family & community; positive female leader; ability to see deeply into any situation

We find ourselves struggling with our creative works this week as we find ourselves holding back the very emotions we need to channel into these projects. The material aspects of life are going well as our heath is good (or improving) & our business ventures yield wonderful results, which gains some hard won recognition. Emotionally, we’re either being victimized or victimizing others with a lack of ethical restraint in this arena & resources are being improperly thrown into play. In an attempt to force our minds into a rigidly logical format to promote gain, we forget to include the human element that previously proved critical in good outcomes for all involved parties. Spiritually, we must take our quest to our interior landscapes where we must feel our way to a solution rather than depend on intensive analysis of the situation. The feminine influence is having health problems along with financial issues that no clear path to redemption presents itself. The masculine influence appears to be under the influence of a female who is devoted to the social ties that bind her to others, has the ability to discern everything that is needed from any given situation & is generally a positive figure of prestige & power.

DD Sun 2 Jul 2017The Lovers: Relationships

We face our trials with support throughout the day. Time to take a higher path as we continue our journey. Today we become more than the sum of our parts. Optimism fills us as the conscious & subconscious minds unite in harmony. Individuality in the midst of conformity. Some of us may even be considering or getting involved with an affair as deep yearnings attempt to manifest themselves.

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