Sunday, July 9, 2017

WR 9 Jul 20171) [R] Aeon: Rebirth
2) [R] Mother of Wands: Creator
3) The Universe: Oneness
4) [R] The Empress: Femininity
5) [R] Four of Wands: Perfection
6) Nine of Cups: Fortune
7) [R] The Devil: Temptation

1: Creative Influence – Diverting all energy to avoiding rebirth & renewal; hanging on to old, more familiar ways; fear that change will bring death
2: Physical Influence – Deceitful manipulations; paranoia & hateful gossip; much drama
3: Emotional Influence – Flexibility & tolerance; successful completion; energy, radiance & inspiration
4: Mental Influence – Unable to articulate the problem; delayed progress; lacking interest
5: Spiritual Influence – Time is not right; feeling uneasy & uncomfortable; flaws & problems begin to surface
6: Feminine Influence – Success, love & well-being; a bright prosperous future; victory over trials
7: Masculine Influence – Breaking free; facing the light of truth; putting others ahead of the self

Creatively we’re shying from our given direction as we fear that we’ll lose ourselves in this impending shift of artistic perspective. Expect drama to bring material concerns to the forefront as there are dishonest dealings afoot & paranoia runs high, this could be related to the influence of a woman. This is a time of wholeness & completion within our emotional selves, with adaptability for any given situation this week & we maintain our serenity throughout. When we can hardly figure out what the issue is, it is supremely difficult to formulate any kind of solution & we find ourselves struggling with a bit of a mental block unable to plan the next move during this time. Things feel off on the spiritual side of things & it’s best not to move forward at this time, perhaps a bit of reflection will shed light on the problems being faced & allow us to progress. The feminine influence is in a good place this week, as she is victorious & her future looks bright. The masculine influence is shaking off the shackles that once embraced him in misery, facing his problems head on & taking determined steps toward rebuilding himself.

DD Sun 9 Jul 2017 [R] Father of Cups: Fatherhood

This day may have events centered around a man who exhibits extreme emotional flares seemingly at random intervals. Dishonesty, insecurity & defensiveness are traits we can expect to see manifest at this time, whether is comes from someone in our surroundings or we are the source. There is a definite willingness to be destructive as violence is not being shied away from.

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