Sunday, July 16, 2017

WR 16 Jul 20171) Six of Cups: Happiness
2) [R] Four of Wands: Perfection
3) [R] Nine of Cups: Fortune
4) Six of Stones: Success
5) [R] Five of Stones: Material Difficulty
6) Ten of Wands: Oppression
7) Ten of Cups: Success

1: Creative Influence – Blissful fulfillment from past labors; delightful memories; longings for success bring some tangible returns
2: Physical Influence – Obstacles cause delays; time is not right; moving in an unproductive direction
3: Emotional Influence – Abuse of generosity; a vain ego; desire to be taken care of
4: Mental Influence – Look inward & remember dreams; change is in the wind; look for the truth behind the flashiness of achievement
5: Spiritual Influence – Things start looking better; formerly barren field bears fruit; let these changes evolve naturally, don’t force them
6: Feminine Influence – Overburdened with responsibilities; obligations that come with great success; striving for an unreasonable deadline
7: Masculine Influence – Reconnecting to one’s old self; honor, respect, honesty & virtue; rewards of loving affiliation

This is a wonderful week for our creative works, as we draw from wonderful experience & achieve success, even if it is a small sort of success, from those labors we’ve already completed. In the realm of material concerns this is not the time for new investments & as delaying obstacles mount we find that the direction we’re moving in during this time is not going to bear fruit. We seem to either have become an emotional leech or be dealing with one this week, vanity & greed are preventing us from moving on. Mentally, this is a time for a bit of introspective searching, uncovering what it was that we really wanted in the first place & making whole new pans for our future direction. Spiritually, we seem to have found our footing after last week’s uncertainty & are set to be part of a new flowering of our spirits, but we must remember to gently nurture these things rather than taking a firm hand to move in a specific direction. The feminine influence is suffering the consequences of her success as she strives to continue pouring herself into her work as if there is nothing else for her, it’s a bit of a soul sucking experience & cannot be maintained at the current rate. The masculine influence is enjoying the gifts of a solid family life & reconnecting to the more important aspects of himself that he may have neglected to cultivate along the way, until now.

DD Sun 16 Jul 2017Five of Wands: Defeat

Today we’re faced with a challenge to our authority, meeting opposing forces & ideas. Being equally, but differently matched in battle, it will take a Herculean effort to win. Pushing against the limits without loathing or bitterness. The satisfaction of a challenging game. A valiant fight.

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