Sunday, August 6, 2017

WR 6 Aug 20171) [R] Five of Stones: Material Difficulty
2) [R] Nine of Swords: Cruelty
3) Father of Wands: Intelligence
4) Ten of Cups: Success
5) Six of Stones: Success
6) [R] Two of Wands: Dominion
7) Ace of Wands: Passion

1: Creative Influence – Things start looking better; new growth; a small gain
2: Physical Influence – People act with malice; shady characters; past actions bring fearful consequences
3: Emotional Influence – Incredible intellect with little to no social skills; innocent charm; quick to anger at stupidity
4: Mental Influence – Reconnecting to older self; don’t stop forward movement; success in what really matters
5: Spiritual Influence – One step at a time approach; change is in the wind after a major achievement; the spiritual element of success must be nurtured
6: Feminine Influence – Lost faith in own abilities; desperate actions; dishonesty & deceit
7: Masculine Influence – New beginnings; adventure; inspiration

We’re experiencing new creative growth during this time as things start to perk up. The material realm is in a state of emergency as numerous unwanted possibilities present themselves which may be consequences of our own actions or malicious persons surrounding us through this week. Emotionally, we may be dealing with a socially awkward person or we may find ourselves having to navigate through the embarrassment of our own social shortcomings. Remembering the dreams we once had, it might be high time to rediscover that magick & formulate the plans to get where we really want to be. Progress is being made in our spiritual development that sends us on an even more wondrous path of discovery. The feminine influence has lost faith in herself & her ability to complete her current project as others begin to similarly waver, mostly due to her own self-doubt. The masculine influence is inspired, ready to begin new enterprise & starting on a grand new adventure that is incredibly exciting.

DD Sun 6 Aug 2017[R] Mother of Wands: Creator

Dangerous emotions, like jealousy & paranoia, are driving events & situations presented today. These feelings may be coming from within or stemming from an external influence. Hateful gossip may surround a female figure. An emotional blackmailer seeks to control the situations & people that, most likely she, is involved in.

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