Sunday, August 13, 2017

WR 13 Aug 20171) [R] Seven of Swords: Uselessness
2) Three of Swords: Mourning
3) [R] Nine of Wands: Power
4) [R] Five of Stones: Material Difficulty
5) [R] The Star: Hope
6) Nine of Stones: Material Gain
7) Two of Swords: Peace

1: Creative Influence – Thinking clearly about the situation; beginning new plans; seeking advice
2: Physical Influence – Heartbreak over current events; bad omens; disappointment & strife
3: Emotional Influence – Frailty; bad decisions; loss of security
4: Mental Influence – New growth; taking a turn for the better; holding on to a benefit that appears out of nowhere
5: Spiritual Influence – Hope through the fog of disappointment; ungrounded & unrealistic; foolish, clumsy actions
6: Feminine Influence – Worldly reward & advancement; improved health; good fortune
7: Masculine Influence – A pause in the action; resolution of conflicts; feeling free from responsibilities

This week is a great time to reevaluate existing projects & begin something new, that moves in a different direction than may have been expected. The realm of the material is difficult throughout this time as some kind of important loss could be taking place, we have to give ourselves time to let go in order to move on. Emotionally, this is not a great time for us as well, as bad decisions, which may have been our own or those of a loved one, have led us to the brink of collapse as the seemingly stable ground crumbles beneath us. Our thoughts are evolving in a productive direction, developing our mental spheres. There might be some struggle with our spiritual pursuits as disappointment threatens to derail us, but there is still hope shining faintly through the clouds. The feminine influence is doing quite well with her material pursuits. The masculine influence is convalescing from earlier battles, restoring himself for the next conflict.

DD Sun 13 Aug 2017[R] The Hierophant: Tradition

This is a day of difficulties, perhaps with authority figures which may be parental, governmental, or spiritual in nature. May be representative of a liar with a convincing line who is willing to renounce anything & everything. The card could easily be referring to an unconventional person or approach instead.

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