Sunday, August 5, 2018

WR 5 Aug 20181) Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success
2) [R] Two of Cups: Love
3) [R] The Sun: Life
4) The Multiverse: Unbound
5) [R] Five of Stones: Material Difficulty
6) [R] Son of Cups: Seeker
7) Ten of Cups: Success

1: Creative Influence – Valuing things that don’t matter; materialism; illusions
2: Physical Influence – Unbalanced give & take; misunderstandings; disconnected from loved ones
3: Emotional Influence – Depression; losing hope; everything becomes difficult
4: Mental Influence – Many choices ahead; trust in ability to pick one’s own path; direct energies with passion toward one’s goals
5: Spiritual Influence – Things start looking better; new growth; able to hold onto a benefit that appears out of nowhere
6: Feminine Influence – Resentful of having to give up dreams for practical reasons; may try to swindle associates; emotional displays to manipulate others
7: Masculine Influence – Arriving at one’s true home; honor, respect, honesty & virtue; shooting for the moon but having to settle for less

A little over half of these cards are cups & based on their orientations & positions it would seem that this is likely to be an emotionally rocky week. It looks like we’re distracted by the outward appearance of artistic achievement & it’s interfering with our ability to use whatever form of creative outlet is common to us. The material outlook is not much better as we seem to be enduring a business or work relationship that is very demanding of our efforts, but gives so little back to us. Emotionally we seem to be struggling with a bleakness that saps our strength & robs us of hope for the situation inspiring this state. This is a great time for considering our plans & configuring the path we want to take to get us closer to our loftier goals, as we’re on top of our mental game during this time. A time of recovery & growth comes over our spiritual self as unexpected flowering takes place & needs a little nurturing from us. The feminine influence seems to be struggling with the presence of a young man who is resentful & likely to use shady tactics in attempt to recover his dreams. The masculine influence is finding his success in the basics of life, he realizes the richness of loved ones that surround him.

DD Sun 5 Aug 2018Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions

This is likely to be a difficult & confusing day. It’s very unlikely we will know how to deal with the situations we find ourselves in. Feeling an aversion to almost everything we would really enjoy something new & stimulating, but nothing we find is interesting at all. There may be some bitterness over the past that’s bogging us down. While we can see a path to something better, it just looks too hard to even try.

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