Sunday, December 2, 2018

wr-2-dec-2018.png1) Three of Swords: Mourning
2) Nine of Stones: Material Gain
3) The Magician: Transmutation
4) The Chariot: Willpower
5) [R] Seven of Swords: Uselessness
6) Ace of Cups: Emotion
7) [R] Ace of Wands: Passion

1: Creative Influence – Sadness over current events; feeling of falling apart; all seems dreary & dark
2: Physical Influence – Worldly reward & advancement; foresight in business; achieving goals
3: Emotional Influence – Prosperity & nourishment; power & creativity; ingenious solutions
4: Mental Influence – Bringing order to chaos; a major effort may be required; don’t micromanage
5: Spiritual Influence – Taking the time to think clearly; starting on new plans; choosing to move in a better direction
6: Feminine Influence – Abundance & opulence; emotional fulfillment; beginning a creative project
7: Masculine Influence – False starts; lacking personal power; inability to focus one’s energies

This could be a time of major creative exploration or one fraught with issues & obstacles. We’re building material security through our vision & successes in this arena. The week brings us great emotional highs as clever solutions are implemented & we enjoy the prosperity of fulfillment. We push toward logical organization, manifesting our thoughts into the reality we wish to enjoy, though we must take care that our egos do not run wild with this power or the results will be negative in the long run. Clarifying our spirituality to ourselves, we work to move forward on the path of progress & development. The feminine influence is in a wonderful position to aid us on our own journeys as she revels in the abundance she has created for herself. The masculine influence is struggling to focus on the tasks before him, but failing in all of his abortive attempts, unable to help himself he can offer nothing to support our cause.

DD Sun 25 Nov 2018

[R] Six of Cups: Happiness

Many of us will find our greatest pleasures looking to the past rather than sending our gazes to help build our futures. Feeling disconnected to the present we find ourselves stuck trying to apply outdated rules to new situations. Our resistance to happiness is likely to restrict the happiness of those around us. The current set of goals we may be focused on have a low probability of success.

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